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In order for the website to work in the best possible way and to improve your user experience, we use cookies. This part of our website covers our privacy policy and our cookie-policy, in order for you to understand in which way your information is being collected and stored when you are visiting our site. 

Non personal information

At we store information, data and statistics from all our visitors. This information is solely in the form of cookies and is therefore non personal. Non personal information means that the information can not be used to identify you as a person. 

The non personal information that we collect and store from you covers your location, your time zone and which device you are using to visit our website.  


Before we dive further into our cookie policy we would like to clarify what the different terms used on our website means. When we talk about visitors on our website we use the terms “you”, “user” or “visitor”. When we talk about the website we use the terms “us” or “we”. 

The meaning of cookies 

The easiest way to describe cookies is as a text file that is being stored in your browser. This text file is being used to verify you as a user of a website and to see what you are doing on this specific website. 

By having your cookies, we can use your information to make your experience of our site better. Through cookies our website can optimize your browsing experience by finding your needs and offering the information that you are looking for. 

We use cookies in order to improve our visitors’ experience of our website. Cookies are therefore a very important element for us to get relevant statistics and information about our visitors’ behaviours and preferences. 

How we use cookies on our website

The sole purpose of using cookies on our website is to collect information in order to optimize our website and our visitors’ user experience. We would like to point out that we only use cookies with the ambition to improve our visitors’ experience. 

These are the ways we use cookies on our website: 

Please note that all your data is anonymous and we can not access any of your personal information through cookies.  

Change your cookie settings

It’s up to you to decide how you wish that cookies are being used on different websites and you can change your cookie settings on all different browsers. For example you can block certain cookies or remove them. Kindly note that your experience of our website can be affected if you block cookies.  

If you are interested in changing your cookie settings on your browser we kindly ask you to check the following websites: 

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